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released May 20, 2017



all rights reserved


LØVVE Tours, France

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Track Name: Doubt is what keeps us alive
Bad position
Visions of pain
Doubt is what keeps us alive.
Don’t mistake kindness for weakness
my silence for ignorance
my self control for an acceptance 
You know, that fucking acceptance.  
Doubt is what keeps us alive

Die in hell
You and your friends eat the same shit
Doubt is what keeps us alive.
Track Name: My walls
You and I
You and I
Arms wrapped around my body
Stopping when pushed to your limits. 
This is my city
And when I get to the end (of it), I see a wall.
My walls.

Knowing you too well, no surprise
Holding me tight, fully there
Stopping when pushed to your limits. 
This is my city
and when i get to the end (of it), I see a wall.
Track Name: You can't understand
And from this black abyss
All objectivity’s gone
All hope has left
Just kept the worst
And looking back on my path
Cherish my pain only distress remains

Craving for that darkness

Feed my dopamine
I don’t want to bring this fucking wraith back
As much as I can

In this eternal brain apocalypse
No more fear cause no more feelings
All that mess is a big lie. Why ?

You’re not around anymore, just gone in the room next door.
What we meant for each others, I will always remember

There's no way forward without you
Track Name: Thought Process
Searching for a fucking meaning
Lost in dead end
It's a fucking mind trap
I will never forget what brings me here everytimes

Life goes on
You don't seem to get it
You're lost in a vicious circle

Thought process

Searching for a meaning in everything
That's driving me crazy
Stop believing in all

Searching a meaning in everything
drove me crazy

No faking this
It's a new way
New vision and different mind
Track Name: Karôshi
This isn’t my fault
Unearths hidden truths
Won’t let myself die of exhaustion,
It’s your life on the spot

Sleeping with an open eye
Forced working rythms
You don’t owe anything to anyone
but I keep on hearing :

So “be an adult and accept this life”
- And soon we’ll get a lie, try
So I don’t want to expect this life.
Why are you always satisfied ?

So I first tried it that way
Hidden sadness just like I meant it

Learnt how to ignore the pain
With all the things I’d be missing out on
No matter what I’ll escape

No need to feel that selfish
Remember your life is spending between you and yourself
Track Name: Red Carpet
Never give up on what's really worth,
I chased after it and searched for it and now I've got it,
I moan about it, that’s crumbling off
But I’m feeling good in this new suit though.

2 Identities - feeling that something's missing out
Learnt it all again, falling apart, knew all about that

STANDING UP - feeling useless
WHAT S THE POINT - no more ideas left
when I never stopped begging for it to end one day

That time I spilled my guts out, unable to think

STANDING UP - feeling useless
WHAT S THE POINT - no more ideas left
some good old suffering memories <3

I’ve nowhere to go, I know where i go,
I know I m going nowhere.
Track Name: Your own life
You told me I met Satan
Held hostage by your past
Trapped, stucked with your demons
I follow you 'cause I feel your pain

Now it's done,
you wrote this under your skin
A toy to keep yourself busy.
Track Name: Stay
From the slums and the dirty side walks
I'm feeling close to this environment, this atmosphere.
Those familiar surroundings
There’s no way out

I know those pavements too well
People here are the ones still looking for something
Looking at each other with hatred
Even though we could find a way

It’s too far now, keep on running,
you won't go any further
I should leave you there
Keep on running you won’t go anywhere
You won’t.
Fake ! Keep on running, you won’t go anywhere
Track Name: Predictable
Analyses overtime
It’s so predictable
Why do I care ?

While you're ignoring me,
I'm getting used to live without you  

Don’t want to face it  
Don’t want a verdict
Don’t want to hear it
Don’ t want to think about it 
Wondering which way to go

You look like the wrong choice to make
you're not a good plan
you're dressed like a bad idea  
Track Name: Lure
At this point, I'd rather switch the lights off
They don’t want to play with me anymore
I’m the last one up.

Being an adult is having fun without being scared

Trapped in your routine
Suffocating in your so-called maturity
Stop pretending

We can still build this marvellous kingdom 
I'm sure we said we’d do it, but I’m still waiting...

I’ll stay inside, I don’t care...
I’m used to play on my own, but you could come along without saying the expected words...

Looking through the window, I'm laughing at you all
They played you like a fool

Look around !! Who hold the truth ?