After the rain the sun comes out


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Growing shadow brings darkness everywhere Pretending it doesn't hurt or it's not there I was once told by a friend when feeling down  - worthless times - He was sincere so I was listening to every word He would say that like if he had no other choice - “You need to fulfill your family’s need” (same old shit) - “But I guess you totally missed the point : They spill innocent blood for one's greed,  Feeding (on) another to thrive. You live in fear. (Working), consumming and keep quiet Making fucking mindless puppets while you’re carrying your burden on and on”. Mental disengagement Apathic and disarmed Daily dehumanized Destroy your mind, your demise and Today or tomorrow After the rain the sun comes out.
We have to think twice, because we walk on a thin line. You're not supposed to fit in the mold but to create your own life. 'cause then you will get that blowback straight (back) in your face Realizing you didn't fit in your new suit And you were becoming soulless.
Freaks are my kind of plague, a drug that I can’t quit I feed myself with your hate, Cause it’s my way of bleeding   Misfits are my heart beats Don’t wanto to go back to a  place where fear dominates It’s becoming a fact, I’m under which’s spell.   Stars won't ever change, only the company will Stars won’t change, but that way, I’m not sure if I do know myself...   That shows us that I’m getting old For all the love I’ve waste , I’ve never ask for some request. That shows us that we’re growing old and we are staying frozen in time   The first encounter shows already what's next to come As the bills keep on adding up, my resources run out, and tend to disapear.
Dark circles 01:27
Always in this twilight I'm making one with the shadow Melting with the walls And if I’m feeling threatened, I’m more than ready We can only see your dark side Never get to see the daylight Avoiding to see the clear picture of their shame Same old boring faces same old fucking lame and pales faces Let’s hurry up before the magic stops (its effect) Then the daylight will wash your sins Such as the tide holding all the secrets.
Cerebellum 01:22
Everyone has been around long enough It’s when we look back that we miss what’s in front of us Ossessed brain missing out on the best Like a vicious circle. Why? Saturated in your fucking self inflected cell You build your own fortress made of white matter What we do will haunt us What we face up disappear Too much violence and nightmares I hope we’ll keep our eyes open wide.   Everyone has been around long enough It’s when we look back that we miss what’s in front of us.
There’s too many informations But so much ignorance Cognitive saturation Lost, in our dissonant minds Life’s not all the same for everyone We make our own truth, often looking for lies to feel secured we are building ourselves one step at the time, the one making it too fast will melt his soul So many of the preachers are also the sinners Judging each others; confined. Sometimes just over guided Confidence is just there to hide the emptiness Cause any paths will take you to the same truth.
Sink or swim 01:39
Wasting time in dreaming While the world is living around us Whatever happens days will go by and won’t wait for you I m waiting for a change, (but it won’t.....)  But ! The sun will always rises before I do, (and so will people....)   I think I’ve paid enough for the bad things And I’m not here for no reason, I settled the bills.   Every burden is heavy Yesterday is the past,and tomorrow may not even rise up   Fear / stress / drink / death - You sink or you swim Threat / pain / sick / breath  - You sink or you swim It was that time we’ll remember. I was hurting myself all along my way But if I had made A step backward, I would have fell A step backward, I would have hit the ground And I’d have done it for nothing. If I had made a step backward, I would have fell a step backward, I would’ve hit the ground And I’d have done it for nothing.
Empty 01:29
I get to know empty people and I fill them up So they start revealing themselves Then they leave with the bag in which I put all my smiles, ..and my happiness too.   They’ve stolen my joy, they will leave with my hope. Next time, I’ll think twice.   I'v spent some time filling that bag up I've wasted my time filling that bag up Then you will leave with it .   You will show it to everyone, proud of what you've stolen and some will see nothing but blood. Because I've put my guts into it. Then I’ll end up finding you ‘n get everything back that’s inside that bag. Sadly I will have no strength left, cause I’ll be empty. Only blood will be left - And nobody gets fed from blood. Only blood will be left - And nobody gets fed from blood.
They brain washed you They took control made disciples, clones having the same goal Anihilate and destroy become a brainless machine Destroying is your purpose unvealing the truth Ending as crazy as a wolf pack starved for blood   Feeling less isolated in a group ending as crazy as a wolf pack starved for blood   no one is ignorant, and all will carry their bleeding smiles I'm lost in a losing world where violence breeds violence.   In the name of what ? Your wisdom has failed. but it's not the right target You've got the wrong target.
Red sun 01:18
Stars take good care of me - We're also watching you My neck hurts - and my heart beats Apocalypse going straight through my head   Forbidden from saying it Quiet Happiness Acting like it never happened And my joy stays hidden   Being confident again, hiding my smile to the point of crying. Endless day A Frozen picture Endless day    While they stopped time, they offered us a yellow sky and a Red Sun. And soon the truth in front of my eyes Whisky and your body   Forbidden from saying it Quiet Happiness They offered us a Red Sun, a Red Sun.
Giving everything until you to feel robbed Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never, never come Animals have survival instinct, so I do not (Looking for) heaven on the other side Dismissing that a train can hide an another one Is it better to look illusion out than to shit this mess away. I can’t wait to change the player Because I don’t want to become a prayer This is for me(n), this isn’t for you, Gimme lies for truth, gimme one night for a last flew.
Against me 02:45
I don’t know if I’m sad to be glad or glad to be sad. How could you learn happiness when your mom is depressed Artificial trip to sleep better How to fix a brain disorder   Pointless situation Humanity’s done Blue devils are back We can’t feel blissness anymore I’ve spend too many times in the cold, hearing lies Still don’t know what to do. It’s hard to face. I wonder how can you know the light when all you live is darkness At night we don’t care if the sky is blue Every day brings us closer to the end than the beginning, I would like you to know it Blue devils are back We can’t feel blissness anymore I’ve spend too many times in the cold, hearing lies We’re still not in this alone. It’s hard to face, it’s worst to regret. HFWR


released October 1, 2020


all rights reserved



LØVVE Tours, France

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